MIRACLE OF Nouhad El-Chami

My name is Nouhad, spouse of Semaan Chami, from Mezarib, Jbeil. I am 55 years old. I have 12 children (7 sons and 5 daughters). On the 09/01/1993, I had hemiplegia on the left side: my leg, my arm and my mouth. I entered to Sainte Martine hospital in Jbeil.

 Dr. Joseph Chami a cardiologist received me and referred me to the Intensive care Unit and to Dr. Antoine Nachanakian and my family doctor, Majid Chami. After many consultations, x-rays and medical tests, they deduced that the hemiplegia was due to the total obstruction of the brain left arteries and 70% of the right ones. “ In this case, no treatment can cure you. Nevertheless, we still have the possibility to undertake a surgery and replace the obstructed arteries by plastic ones,” said the doctor. They advised me to go home and come back in 3 months to Hotel Dieu hospital to make new x-rays. My eldest son Saad went to Annaya and brought me consecrated oil and sand from Saint Charbel’s tomb. When my daughter coated my body with them, I felt pins and needles in my arm and my leg. I left the hospital 9 days later. At home I had to stay in bed. My husband had to help me go to the bathroom and my children had to feed me with a straw. This is how I passed the next three days. In my dreams, I could see myself going down the stairs of the hermitage in Annaya where I was attending the mass in the presence of monks, and Saint Charbel was giving me the communion. 

  The fourth day, Thursday 22/01/1993 night - Friday morning, I was suffering from  an awful headache, and a pain in the right side. I started praying to the Holy Virgin and St Charbel saying: “ what did I do? Why did you do this to me? what sin did I make? I raised 12 children with lots of suffering, prayers and perseverance to make them good men. I am not imposing my will, but if you want you can heal me, or else take my soul, it is at your disposal. I accept all what you want.” My husband and children left me to get some rest. At 11:00, I saw in my dreams, a blinding light coming into my room, 2 monks came near my bed; Saint Charbel put his hand on my neck and said: “ I am here to make a surgery to your pain”.

I turned around but couldn’t see his face as a blinding light was coming out of his body and eyes. I said: “ Father, why do you want to make a surgery, they didn’t advise me to do so?” He replied: “ I am Father Charbel and I want to do so.” I looked at Virgin Mary’s statuette and said: “ Virgin Mary, please help me. How are these monks going to undertake a surgery and suture the cut without anæsthesia?” I was staring at the statuette which took place between the two monks. I felt at that moment an awful pain and Saint Charbel was rubbing my neck... When Saint Charbel finished, the other monk approached holding a pillow, helped me to sit straight, put the pillow behind my back and gave me the cup of water and the straw which were beside me. He put his hand under my head and told me: “Drink this water.” I said: “ father, I can not drink without a straw.” He replied: “ we made the surgery, you have to drink and walk too.”

  I woke up in the middle of the night, I realized that I was able to drink water and I was sitting the way the monk made me sit. I looked at the statuette and noted that it regained its place. I felt a pain in my neck. I put my hand to see what happened and realized that I could use my disabled hand, and that I could move my leg under the blanket. I was so happy that I kneed before the Virgin statuette and  Saint Charbel’s portrait to thank them. I went to the bathroom to see what happened, I saw 2 cuts in my neck, one to the left and the other to the right, each of 12 cm approximatively. It was 2:00hr in the morning. I went to my husband’s room in front of mine and turned the light on. My husband looked at me and said loudly: “ how did you come here all by yourself? you may fall and this would be another catastrophe.” I moved my hand and said: “ Don’t worry, Saint Charbel healed me, I can walk...”

  The following day, I went to the hermitage with my son and my husband, to thank Saint Charbel for his graces. When I came back home all my relatives and friends were very surprised. The news circulated very quickly. Visitors started coming from inside and outside Lebanon. A week later, upon the request of the priest of our Parish in Halat, father Abdo Yaacoub, and of Doctor Majid Chami, I agreed to leave only for few days to get some rest. In the night, Saint Charbel appeared to me and said: “Do not leave people, I cut you thanks to the providence so that people can see you. A lot of people left Church, they neglect praying and respecting  saints. You can do nothing about the matter. He who wants anything from me, I father Charbel, can come to the hermitage. I am always there, I don’t leave the place. I want you to visit the hermitage every 22 of the month and attend the mass from now on. The following day, I woke up in the morning, 3 stitches were very obvious on the right side of my neck and 2 others on the left side. Dr Majid took out 2 of them.

  I started organizing a procession every Thursday ( day of the miracle) at my house, in Halat. On 15/08/1993, I was in my village. Saint Charbel came to me in my dreams and said: “ Nouhad, I ask you to recite the Rosary in a procession the first Saturday of the month at your house.”

  As usual, I woke up in the morning, took the incense to the small altar, lit a candle and started praying. I looked at the portrait of Saint Charbel, it was sweating oil  and still is especially when we recite the Rosary in a procession as Saint Charbel asked me to, with a large number of visitors in my house. The first procession took place on the 6th of November, since then, the portrait is still sweating.

 On the 2nd of july, Sainte Rita appeared to me in my dreams as I was praying in front of the sanctuary of Virgin Mary next to my house in the village. She put her hand on my shoulder and said to me: “ God bless you for your faith.” I turned around to tell her what happened to me but she said: “ I know, Saint Charbel made a surgery for you. The monk who gave you water to drink was Saint Maron.”  

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